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Personalized Physical Preparation

Hello and welcome!  My name is Corey Kissel, founder and owner of P3 Training.  I realized over years and years of training something that was very profound: The strength that I built in the gym was strength that carried over into every other area of my life. 
I wanted everyone to experience the benefits of training that I have, so I created this company with one primary goal in mind: creating customized training programs that are specifically designed to help you achieve your strength, fitness, health and wellness goals in the safest, most efficient, and effective way possible. 
There are no secrets to success and no substitutes for hard work and consistency.  At P3 Training, we are here to help you on your journey toward achieving your goals every step of the way.




“I have been working with Corey for 2 years now. My goal is to strengthen my core and reduce my fat levels around my midsection. When we started out, my core strength and upper body strength was next to none. Now 2 years later my core strength is more that what I could hope for! Corey is amazing at listening to what you want in your training and is always flexible and willing to work with you! He works with my crazy schedule and understands when life happens. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer! Thank you so much Corey! I really appreciate all your time and effort (even if I still can’t get rid of this sweet tooth)!”

Alicia M.


121 E Crawford St Findlay Ohio 45840


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